Invest in a stable business with bubblify

With a typical return on investment of 2-3 years, we will build you a new franchise of the innovative concept of a sustainable and popular bubble tea, or sell you an established store with a successful history. Many franchisees are now millionaires thanks to the passive income.

Bubblify is a modern franchise in the Twistcafe group. It is launching an operational business of outlets offering the popular bubble tea across Central Europe.

Thanks to our experience, you can quickly and easily become the owner of your own shop, and earn a regular passive income.


How much profit can you expect?

The following model is calculated using the actual results of a Bubblify store at a shopping mall.

31 months

projected payback


monthly franchise
fee on sales


expected monthly profit


marketing fee


initial investment


monthly profit

31 months



marketing fee


monthly franchise
fee on sales


initial investment

How do the investments
perform over the long term?

Bubblify vs. average interest rates for other investment products (p.a.).




Real estate




Savings account

Our franchise

Bubblify brings a fresh and proven business model to the bubble tea market. It will allow you to invest easily and to capitalize effectively on your finances.


You don't need restaurant experience to run Bubblify. We will teach you everything and provide 24/7 advice.

Passive income

You can recoup your investment in a Bubblify franchise in as little as 2 years*, after which your wealth will then steadily appreciate.  

Turnkey business

We'll set up your store from A to Z, set up your operations, and find you the best staff.


The bubble tea market successfully withstood the coronavirus crisis, and continues to grow steadily.

A proven track record

We will provide complete accounting, costs, and profit records for all sales to confirm clear growth.

Do you have any questions? Write us and we will be happy to answer any questions.

*The 2-year payback is calculated for an existing branch at a conservative 3Y sales forecast (05/21-04/24).

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Would you like to own your own store but don't have the funds for the initial investment? You can finance your storefront with a loan that we can help you secure!

How to do it

We can help you build an operational and successful store under the Bubblify franchise using a turnkey solution.


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Let us know if you're interested. We'll get back to you within 48 hours during business hours.


Choose a location or shop

Together we'll select a location for your franchise, or you can choose from a list of existing stores.


Turnkey solution

We'll get the new store up and running, set everything up, and hand it over to you in the best possible condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

The gastro business doesn't mean anything to me. I have no idea what running such a drinks stand entails. Can I do it?

That's why we're here. You don't need previous food/beverage experience to run Bubblify. We'll teach you everything, and you can contact us 24/7. To make it as easy as possible for you, we've developed the Smart Bubblify system. It automates many processes like supply, employee motivation and payroll.

The rest of the processes, including shift planning, traffic monitoring, recruitment and training, are handled by the store manager. A generous commission of 15% of the profit motivates the store manager to increase turnover.

The owner's task is simply to motivate and keep store managers happy, to supervise them through indicators in the system, to pay wages to employees, and to pay invoices for rent or raw materials.

How does the stock control and management of a stall work? Can I find out if something isn’t right?

Our Smart Bubblify information system will allow you to do just this. We have connected every store to it and it closely monitors the POS system, stock management, attendance and CCTV systems, and has advanced analytics.

It even alerts you to irregularities automatically. In the event of warning signals, simply play a full day's worth of store footage (it takes 2 hours to view the footage at 8x acceleration) and compare the products issued to the orders in the POS system. To increase franchisee protection, we also perform this check at random.

How does the supply chain work?

To put it simply, a Bubblify store supplies itself. And it does this through the automated Smart Bubblify system.

How does it work? The system updates every ingredient’s stock status on a minute-by-minute basis, and can predict when it will be in short supply. It suggests an order in time, and the store manager simply confirms it.

At our logistics center, the order is then split into two parts:

  • The goods that we deliver directly.

  • The goods that are delivered by our external supplier. This part of the order is forwarded directly to the supplier.

The goods are automatically delivered directly to the shop the next day. The system is updated, and then stock levels for individual items are instantly increased. Clever, isn't it? Automation can do that.

What if the employees just sit there and look at their phones? How will I motivate them without having to be physically on the shop floor?

We have our own recipe not only for bubble tea, but also for employee motivation.

Our incentive system is based on collecting points on an ongoing basis for individual performance and increasing sales. And it really works. The baristas don't talk to each other about anything other than who has the most points.

The system is based on 3 incentives:

  • Variable hourly rate - Depending on the number of points accumulated per month, a barista’s salary ranges from approximately 4.20 EUR to 12.50 EUR/hour. Remuneration is calculated in such a way that it is always profitable for the owner. At 12.50 EUR/hr, the best baristas are so productive that they earn 25 EUR or more per hour for the owner.

  • Employee competition - Our people are literally competing to see who can earn the most points in a month and see themselves at the top of the leaderboard. This method of motivation works well for us, as you can see from our store sales.

  • Special rewards - The top five baristas from the entire store network receive gifts in kind.

How is the lease relationship with the shopping mall handled?

The lease is guaranteed by the franchisor. More stores are being added under the Bubblify brand all the time. The strength of our network makes it easy for us to negotiate and maintain a long-term partnership. None of the Bubblify stores have ever been closed by a mall. If by chance this were to happen, and we could not find another suitable location to everyone’s satisfaction, we would refund a pro-rata portion of the purchase price to the franchisee.

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